7 Busted Gambling Myths

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As many people claim, casino success is built on a complete rejection of all kinds of myths about casinos. First of all, they must sink into oblivion, since more or less knowledgeable people do not take them seriously. So which stories about casinos are real myths, and which ones have a real background?

Casino Myths

As in many other spheres of activity, there is a whole galaxy of gambling myths, which negatively affect the perception of the gambling world by many people. They can be both harmless and very dangerous, which can turn a beginner away from the path of gambling. Let’s consider the most popular ones.

MYTH # 1: There’s a wagering strategy that permits you to win 100% of the time.

TRUTH: Unfortunately for card sharks, there’s no 100% winning technique. In genuine casinos, all machines work agreeing to the irregular number generator calculation, that’s, the images on the active lines drop out completely randomly each time. With the assistance of the so-called “winning methodologies”, you’ll be able to decrease the hazard of losing all your cash, but neither jackpot nor getting rich quick is guaranteed.

MYTH # 2: Playing a slot that has recently lost a large amount will win.

TRUTH: The RNG does not take under consideration the past results, subsequently this explanation is in a general sense off-base. But still, there are machines where you’ll win with a more prominent likelihood: these are slots with a return of more than 95% and different rewards.

MYTH # 3: The result of a reward game in which the player must select a card is continuously predetermined.

TRUTH: The area and suit of cards within the reward game are created haphazardly, so the chance of winning by choosing the most noteworthy of 2 cards is 50%.

MYTH # 4: New players are always lucky, so you would like to play for genuine cash on unknown slots right away.

TRUTH: In truth, newbies can be as fortunate as prepared card sharks. But not knowing the rules of the process, an unused player risks choosing the off-base wagering technique and losing all the money on a new slot. Hence, sometime recently setting wagers with genuine cash, it is way better to hone in free mode.

MYTH # 5: All slots grant out certain combinations consistently, so it is conceivable to track this cycle and decide at what time winning combinations show up on the lines, and at what time losing ones.

TRUTH: This casino myth has no premise at all. There are no any cycles in the work of the RNG, it is based exclusively on the hypothesis of probability.

MYTH # 6: An event is more or less likely to happen if it has not happened for a long time.

TRUTH: Many people mistakenly believe that if, for example, in Roulette one color wins several times in a row, another color will fall out next and you need to bet on it. If red and black fall out approximately evenly during a long game, no one can guarantee that this will happen within the same game. In games like Roulette, each round is completely unpredictable, and anything can come up.

MYTH # 7: Gambling leads to gambling addiction.

Myths and facts about gambling addiction really exist but it does not threaten everyone. A similar situation is observed with the use of alcoholic beverages. Alcoholic drinks are drunk by many, but only a few become alcoholics. And it happens through abuse. If you learn to control yourself and know when to stop, then no gambling addiction threatens you.

To Sum Up

Gambling is extremely popular all over the world. However, there are people who would like to play in a casino but are afraid of it. And the situation is significantly aggravated by various myths that appear with enviable regularity. But most of them are only myths.