Fake Casino Chips

 When to Double — Guide for BeginnersIn 2018, one of the customers at Harrah Casino in Atlanta used fake chips worth nearly 3 million dollars. It was Christian Lusardi. This man was reliant that such fraud will not be made public. However, gambling establishments are not fabulous casinos.

Christian Luzardi is not the only customer who has come across using fake casino chips. But, in modern poker houses, there is very tight control in this regard. This is because customer safety and fair play are fundamental principles for gambling business owners. The casino does not have a goal of deceiving people and makes sure that visitors also do not cheat.

Why is Impossible to Use Fake Chips in Casinos?

chipsChan Pelton, an American poker master who plays mainly in WSOP Circuit tournaments winning at the Palm Beach Kennel Club. He defeated 180 rivals and won $46,461. But, Chan Pelton decided to take one of the casino chips for sale or as a souvenir. The video recording system installed in the casino did not miss a violation.

Unfortunately, trying to get a souvenir in this way causes problems. This is because such a step regarded as a violation of the World Series of Poker rules. An incident has become the basis for the abolition of the Pelton title and all wins. This was an example of how casino owners meticulous to those who wish to exchange chips in money.

Buying Fake Chips — Cheating Inexperienced

In Maryland Hanover, fraud cause for the conviction of spouses. People bought fake chips in the amount of $150,000 online, by paying only $12,000. The coins were almost the same as the real ones. But, they were not able to use all poker chip amounts taken from scammers. This is because casino employees have identified a fake. Wanting to get rid of other coins, man and woman threw the chips into the lake next to their house. However, the police still managed to find evidence.

Real crown poker chips can be distinguished by several holograms, which are printed on both sides of the coin. Therefore, those who try to deceive the croupier will be exposed. You should not check how effective poker chip counter in casinos and how realistic it’s to play with fake coins. If you ignore these recommendations, you may end up in jail. This is hardly what lovers of excitement dream.

Poker Chip Protection

Gambling business owners are very scrupulous in terms of security. Due to the fact that in the production of chips they abandoned metal or ordinary plastic, the fake is a real problem for scammers. Coins have protection levels. Such markers are visible only in ultraviolet radiation and when using radio devices. In order to make an identical real fake, you will need sophisticated equipment. It’s not so easy to get such devices. An ordinary client is unlikely to notice a fake. However, this does not apply to experienced croupiers who understand casino chips value and can see more than others.

Poker Chip Color Values and Other Differences

Tokens with a large denomination (from 25,000 dollars) are increased in size. Such a version called plates. These chips are marked with serial numbers. Recently in the casino became to use special identifiers based on RFID. It’s a tracking tool. The casino computer accurately defines a location. Security guards can see where each of the large-value tokens is currently located. It’s an ideal security system. Therefore, if you play in a reputable casino, you can not worry about what you are deceived. However, you should not buy chips online. People sell souvenirs that cannot be used in casinos. People who have no experience often make a mistake. They think that the casino employees will not notice a fake.